Tooth-colored fillings, also known as white fillings, are fillings that blend in with the natural appearance of your teeth,, making your filling go unnoticed. Tooth colored fillings are made out of blend of composite resins and silica fillers.  They  strong and reliable, and requires less healthy tooth structure to be removed compared with silver fillings.   


When can they be used?


  • In both front and back teeth

  • For teeth with dental cavities

  • Tooth (composite) bonding

  • Missing fillings

  • Repair small fractures in a tooth

  • To alleviate tooth sensitivity


What is the procedure like?


There are many different reasons why a filling is needed.  Your tooth can be chipped, there may be decay or you may want a filling placed for cosmetic reasons.  In either case, the way we complete a filling is the same.  First, our team will pick out a shade that best matches your tooth and then Dr. Lukic will then numb the tooth.  Next, the tooth will be prepared for the filling by either removing the decay or roughening the tooth so that the composite resin will be able to bond or stick to the tooth.  The tooth will then be dried and bond will be applied to your teeth.  Your tooth is now ready for a composite to be placed!   Lastly, your tooth will be smoothed and adjusted accordingly.  


Are there other options than a tooth-colored filling?


  • Amalgam fillings differ from tooth-colored fillings because of their silver appearance.  They may last longer than white fillings but require more tooth structure removal before they can be placed.   Amalgam fillings can also be more prone to causing sensitivity since they are good conductors of heat and cold.     

  • Gold onlays are gold in appearance and can be done in two visits.  During the first visit your tooth will be prepared for the onlay and impressions will be taken.  A temporary filling will then be placed until your next visit.  Meanwhile, a lab will custom make your onlay so that it customally fits to your tooth.  During the second visit,  your temporary filling will be removed and this lab fabricated onlay will be permanently cemented to your tooth.  

  • Glass Ionomer filling materials are more brittle and less resistant to wear compared to white fillings.  They also come in a white color but do not come in a variety of shades like tooth-colored fillings do.  These are great options for teeth that are hard to keep dry during the filling process.  


What is the best option for my tooth? 


Many factors play into what is the best material of choice for you tooth.  Make an appointment with our team and Dr. Lukic will gladly examine your teeth to give you the best treatment option possible.


Please schedule an appointment today if you think you may have a cavity or need a tooth colored filling.  Our friendly staff will answer and questions or concerns you may have. 

Tooth-colored fillings