Low Dose digital X-rays

Through the use of x-rays, millions of lives have been saved.  In dentistry, oral cancers can be seen as well as abnormal growths, dental decay, and life-threatening infections.  Without x-rays many of these things may not be detected.  However, there is a danger of excessive radiation and our team makes sure to limit the amount of radiation exposure when taking x-rays on our patients.  


To assist in lowering the dose of x-rays, we offer digital x-rays.  Digital x-rays have shown to reduce radiation exposure by 5X when compared to film x-rays.   Our team even makes getting x-rays a little easier for our patients since our machine is so small that it is hand-held by our team members so all it take is a quick snap to get an image of your tooth.  This creates a faster and more comfortable experience.     


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