Dental Cleanings


Dental cleanings are the most important thing you can do for your teeth.  The Academy of General Dentistry recommends dental cleanings at least once every 6 months. They are needed at least twice a year and sometimes are needed every 3-4 months.  Please ask your hygienist or Dr. Lukic what type of dental cleaning you will need.  


What to expect during your cleaning?


The hygienist will probe your teeth or measure to see how healthy your gums are around your teeth.  Afterwards, your teeth are cleaned using small dental instruments and/or a water jet.  Your teeth are then polished with a flavored paste and teeth are flossed.   Dr. Lukic will come in at the very end to conduct your exam and check your teeth.  


Below is a list of treatments that are completed during your cleaning and exam:


  • Dental x-rays (however, if you're pregnant you may need permission from your Ob/gyn or Primary care physician

  • Gum tissue evaluation

  • Examine biting/chewing and swallowing patterns 

  • Plaque and calculus removal

  • Remove stain 

  • Apply fluroide 

  • Sealants if needed

  • Polishing

  • Cleaning

  • Educational services may include:

    • How to appropiatly brush your teeth

    • How to floss

    • Nutritional counseling 

    • Smoking cessation counseling

    • Recommendations for how often to return for dental cleanings/exams 

    • Self-care effectiveness evaluation